The last season of my life has been one of absolute gratefulness upon gratefulness. In the midst of dark times, I can say that the joy of Yahweh has truly been my strength, and Jesus' people have been my abounding encouragement. I am ever more aware and in awe of the never-ending goodness and startling … Continue reading Good



"Hey, could I drop in with one of the counselors just to 'declare' my program of study?" "Um, drop-in hours are Tuesday and Wednesday—" "Sooo... Can I drop in?" What's the magic word? What am I missing? "It's Thursday." Life has been so lovely lately. God is working (as always, of course), God loves me, and … Continue reading thursday

The Presence of God

The Presence of God is that "still, small voice" you may hear at night, comforting you, encouraging you, reminding you of the glorious relationship you have with your Creator, your Sustainer, and your Forever Pursuer. It is unlike anything you can experience with any human being. It is the feeling—yes, a God-given, true feeling—of being … Continue reading The Presence of God

Fear & Joy

Why do I let fear grip me? Why do I let anxiety tear at me, peeling my skin until I am exposed and shaking, freezing in the bitter, piercing cold of [the false]* reality [I choose to let myself believe in]? How can I allow my soul to be afraid when there is truly nothing … Continue reading Fear & Joy

Anchors: an exploration of self-love, toxic people, and Jesus

If the entirety of your life is to give happiness to yourself, then it's a pretty meaningless life. Isn't it? Some people seem to have another view. You, it appears, should be placed at the center of the Universe. Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can … Continue reading Anchors: an exploration of self-love, toxic people, and Jesus

Stop doing this every time you read the Bible!

Yes, this is totally clickbait. But it works this time. Most people who read the Bible regularly do something like this: they choose a book or a plan or whatnot with allotted chapters or verses for each day, then systematically read the chapters or verses and finish. The other day, I read a book that really … Continue reading Stop doing this every time you read the Bible!

Throw off the Chains of Lawlessness, Teens

(The puppy here is saying "ah, lawless, of whom I am the worst.") Lawlessness. The whole thing fills me with rage at times. I certainly have experience with being lawless, and I ain't perfect, but for someone who has struggled with doubting the validity of the claims of Christ, lawlessness in the Church and lawlessness … Continue reading Throw off the Chains of Lawlessness, Teens

Why I’m Pro-Life

A couple weeks ago, I asked all of you readers why you are pro-life. I heard different perspectives and different reasons. Here is an explanation from a friend of mine: I'm a Bible-believing Christian. I believe that when God tells us what to do -or not to do- that we should listen and be obedient to what … Continue reading Why I’m Pro-Life

Don’t Worry

In Matthew, the first book of the Gospels in the Bible, we hear these words from Jesus: Do not worry. Or, as the English Standard Version says, "Do not be anxious." But we don't really follow that... It could be our culture, it could be our sin nature, but it's probably both. All our friends … Continue reading Don’t Worry

Why are you pro-life?

I love life, and I think every other human should have a chance at loving life. Not just my friends, but also non-believers, people of religions, and those that haven't even been born yet. It's just not right to say that at one person's call, they can kill someone who doesn't even have a way … Continue reading Why are you pro-life?