A Small Guide to Witnessing in 5 Tips

I believe that Christians should be actively leading others to Christ. Not because we get extra brownie points for it or something, but because Christianity is worth sharing. For two reasons: (1) God promises eternal life in Heaven and avoidance of Hell for those who are in Christ, and (2) true Christianity gives a better […]

Guest Post: Bible Reading Part One, Getting Started by Zach Pierpont

This is a guest post written by my cousin and friend, Zachary Pierpont. You can find him on Twitter (@ZachPierpont) and you can visit his blog, https://zacharypierpont.wordpress.com I will be writing a two part series on bible reading.  The first post (this one) includes tips for getting started. In the second part I hope to include tips […]

Count It All Joy: A Look at James 1

Today I would like to take a look with you at James, chapter one. Please get out your Bible and follow along as I talk about different sections. If you don’t have time right now, just set a reminder for tonight or tomorrow morning to go through it. The Greeting Because this is the first chapter of […]

Memorize with Me: Mathew 27:27-28:10

In these forty-six days before Resurrection Sunday, you probably want to do something to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord. May I suggest something? How about we memorize the story right from the Bible! Now, before you go somewhere else, listen to me. It’s about eight verses each week, with Sundays being for catch […]

My Ten Most Favorite Verses (currently)

Now and then someone asks me what’s my favorite verse or “life verse.” The truth is, I like many verses. So here is my list of my top ten “favorite” verses (currently). Scripture quotations are taken from the English Standard Version. Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows […]

The Spiritual Disciplines (part II)

This is the second part of a two-part series about prayer and Bible reading. This post will focus on prayer. Christians and non-Christians all see prayer as important. I know this because they pray whenever they’re in a life-threatening situation. But how do we turn prayer from a last option to a first resort? Well, […]