Chapter Six

This series is meant to be read in chronological order. If you haven’t read chapters 1-5, you’ll want to find those before continuing. The October after that summer, as previously mentioned, my sister got married, 14 days after my 17th birthday. I was doing really well leading up to it, ecstatic for her. But that […]

Chapter Five

If you haven’t read chapters 1-4, you’ll want to find those first. Just head to[C for Chapter][chapter number]. The next summer was especially difficult. My older brother got married the winter before, and my older sister was getting married the autumn after—both opposite-sex marriages. I was deeply jealous, which I knew was wrong. But […]

Chapter Four

This series is heavily chronological. To read the three previous chapters, visit, /c2, and /c3, respectively. Next came a season of crippling doubt. I never went full atheist, but I certainly admitted to being agnostic. In a blog post, I wrote about my struggles with faith and God and asked people to pray for […]

Chapter Three

If you haven’t read the two previous chapters, you can find them at and /c2, respectively. The real issues began to settle when I was entering into adolescence, as one might expect. Gradually, within the span of about six months, I came to understand that I was, well, not straight. I remember realizing that […]

Chapter Two

If you haven’t read chapter one yet, you can find that at During my season of intense religiosity growing up, I memorized a passage that had quite an effect on my prayer life. “When you face all sorts of trials, you should think of them as wonderful, joyful things, because you know that trials in […]

Chapter One

In bite-sized installments, I will be sharing my testimony: who I was, who I am today—through the unconditional love and unraveling grace of Christ. I’m telling my story this way because to do otherwise, I feel, would be to ignore the core of who I am. Because I am, first and foremost, a child of […]

Advice Applied: A Humorous​ Short Story Based on a Mark Twain Speech

Here is a short story I wrote for my writing class that is loosely based on a Mark Twain speech. “Gertrude!” a woman yelled up the stairs to her young daughter. A pudgy, young girl of short stature bounded down the stairs, taking each one as if falling from the one before. Her short brown […]