A Little Christmas Tune for You

Hello, family and friends! Since about October, 2014, I’ve been taking piano lessons from a nearby piano teacher named Leah Wendt. Through the last year, I’ve been learning a good bit more about reading notes instead of just making them up. I still enjoy playing by ear, though, because it’s a lot easier and quicker […]

Alisa Sadikova: nine-year-old harpist and child prodigy

This week has been pretty busy with school. And, it’s actually going pretty great. I have an awesome writing teacher, I’m learning to actually¬†read¬†the notes to play the piano, I have a neat biology class, and I’m doing pretty well with my math. Instead of writing out a post, I decided to share this video […]

5 Important Things I Believe About My Youth

I came across an article today from lifehack.org titled “10 Important Things People Wish They Understood In Their Youth.” I started to read it, then realized a lot of it was just Disney/pop-culture mumbo-jumbo. So here’s my take on five of their points that I disagreed with. You’ll probably want to read their article along […]