Christmas Thoughts

Merry Christmas, friends. It’s almost difficult for me to believe that we are all here again. Another year has passed by. Freezing, snowing, hibernation… thawing, rebirth, warmth… heat, growth, sunlight… death, cold, migration. And then, back to snow. This earth has come to the end of yet another cycle around the sun, in God’s Solar […]


Many of you may remember the writing contest I talked about a bit ago. You may also remember the supposed announcement containing winners of said writing contest would be August 21st. Well, I messed up. With everything else going on this Summer, I completely forgot about it in the week prior. I am sorry to […]

The Writing Contest Deadline is Approaching!

This is a quick announcement to let you all know that the writing contest deadline is approaching (July 21st!), and I need more entries! Please send in anything (from twenty-one words to 2,100 words) you’ve written! Prose, poetry, nonfiction, it doesn’t matter. For a rule-refresher, just head to the original post. Also, if you’re interested in judging, please […]

An Update on My Novel

I am publishing a novel. It’s called The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert, and it’s about a boy who finds himself in another world and must take part in a battle against a cruel Queen’s dictatorship. As adventurous as that sounds, it’s really more about his internal battle and the relationships he builds. I finished it at 2:02 […]

Here’s How You Can Help Grow this Blog

The reader base of this blog is quite varied. Most people (I assume) know me in ‘real life’, but many of you just stumbled upon a post somehow or follow me on Instagram. However you found this, I’m glad you did, and I appreciate your readership immensely. Writing blog posts wouldn’t be fun if I […]

life today//installment one: school, work, faith, reading

It’s been a bit since I talked about life and everything. If you know me in real life or you follow me on enough social medias, you probably already know some of this stuff already. But I decided to share here anyway, mostly just to give me a chance to think through everything. Here’s what’s […]

i’m making business cards – which design do you like better?

hello! i’m making some business cards and i wanted to get your opinion on it. just click here and choose which one you like the best of the three designs i created! thanks for your help! (photos from, the most beautiful free photo site in the galaxy) UPDATE – i printed them! i chose […]