Note: Sadly, due to an overwhelming number of other activities taking my time, I’ve had to put JOURNEY aside. I plan to begin it this Autumn after I’ve published my book.

JOURNEY is a series of posts continuing one storyline. Below is a short synopsis and an explanation of each character.


Four people wake up in a dark forest, their memory of how they got there erased. Together, they embark on a journey to find civilization and discover the secrets behind their forgotten past.

An Elderly Woman

This elderly woman is the first character introduced and is around ninety years of age. Her name is not given because she does not remember it. She has pale white skin and silvery hair. She’s around 5′ tall and extremely feeble. Her husband died fifteen years ago, and she has three grandchildren, all girls. Her given number is #23-53-AD-7.


Wyatt is six years old. He has light blonde hair and tanned white skin. He has two older brothers and one younger sister. His mother is a nurse and he never knew his father. For his age, he is understanding and somewhat calm. His given number is #11-36-WG-7.

Walden (Lewis)

Walden is 37 and goes by his last name, Lewis. He has dark black hair and skin. He is fairly tall. He is a physician. He and his wife have two children, Walden Jr and Macy. He grew up in Chicago and went to Illinois State University. His given number is #80-6-WL-7.


Sadie is sixteen. She has dark brown hair and pale white skin. She has an older brother who went to college a year ago. After her parents divorced and her mother married someone else, they had another daughter named Haven. Sadie’s given number is #00-52-SW-7.

Each post in the story will be linked to here as they come.