How to Win the Writing Contest

This year, I decided to create a writing contest. I feel it’s important to give growing writers a chance to submit their pieces to safe critique. Instead of keeping their writing to themselves so as to avoid harsh criticism, something like this can give them a chance to share their work and see how it […]

Here’s How You Can Help Grow this Blog

The reader base of this blog is quite varied. Most people (I assume) know me in ‘real life’, but many of you just stumbled upon a post somehow or follow me on Instagram. However you found this, I’m glad you did, and I appreciate your readership immensely. Writing blog posts wouldn’t be fun if I […]

7 Blog Posts from the Archives

1. 4 Ways to Encourage Others In this post, I share four really easy ways to show people you care. Sometimes, the smallest thing can leave a long-lasting impression and stick with people through their darkest hours. 2. How You Can Create a Space to Get Things Done This is a short article explaining how I make […]

You should have a blog! Here’s how to start and continue blogging.

Have you ever thought about having a blog? If not, you should. Blogging is a powerful way to share your ideas, your stories, your thoughts, and even your opinions. You can use it as a platform to inspire, to influence, or to share. The main idea of blogging is that it’s about you. You get a […]