How to Win the Writing Contest

This year, I decided to create a writing contest. I feel it’s important to give growing writers a chance to submit their pieces to safe critique. Instead of keeping their writing to themselves so as to avoid harsh criticism, something like this can give them a chance to share their work and see how it […]

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7 Blog Posts from the Archives

1. 4 Ways to Encourage Others In this post, I share four really easy ways to show people you care. Sometimes, the smallest thing can leave a long-lasting impression and stick with people through their darkest hours. 2. How You Can Create a Space to Get Things Done This is a short article explaining how I make […]

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Goodbye for the Summer!

Hello, blog readers! This Summer, I am not going to write at all. I’m just going to take a break for about three months. You can still read old posts, and I may re-publish a few good ones from the past two years, but as far as new content… I will be saying goodbye. Have […]

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Exciting News

I have some exciting news for you all! This blog is now just “” instead of “” Go ahead, try it out! This is a bit of a milestone for the blog.

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