Christmas Thoughts

Merry Christmas, friends. It's almost difficult for me to believe that we are all here again. Another year has passed by. Freezing, snowing, hibernation... thawing, rebirth, warmth... heat, growth, sunlight... death, cold, migration. And then, back to snow. This earth has come to the end of yet another cycle around the sun, in God's Solar … Continue reading Christmas Thoughts


Quite Conversational: 7th Day Adventists

It was a quiet, calm, slow Summer Sunday evening. I hopped on my bike and rode for maybe ten minutes, going to a place I often went to think and pray and hope. It was a forest trail; a long, winding, rising and falling path that welcomed the thoughtful soul. Birds chattered in the earlier … Continue reading Quite Conversational: 7th Day Adventists

the meditations of the christian

Do you meditate? The answer, no matter who you are, is yes. You meditate on something. You might meditate on your worries. You might meditate on your sadness. You might meditate on sin. You might meditate on knowledge. You might meditate on people. Christians should meditate on Truth:┬áThe Truth that God Is.┬áThe Truth that God … Continue reading the meditations of the christian

Jesus Lives!!!

Jesus lives, just as He said! He has saved us from our sin and given us eternal life! Praise God on this great day! Tell everyone of this wonderful news! God is indeed good. He has saved us! Blessed be The Lord, our only savior. We are not doomed! Praise God! Here's the whole story … Continue reading Jesus Lives!!!

Good Friday Meditations

Today is Good Friday, the day we celebrate and mourn the bitter-sweet death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He died such a terrible death, for us. He died so we could have eternal life. He died so that we could know the Father and be one with Him. He died because He loves … Continue reading Good Friday Meditations

A Small Guide to Witnessing in 5 Tips

I believe that Christians should be actively leading others to Christ. Not because we get extra brownie points for it or something, but because Christianity is worth sharing. For two reasons: (1) God promises eternal life in Heaven and avoidance of Hell for those who are in Christ, and (2) true Christianity gives a better … Continue reading A Small Guide to Witnessing in 5 Tips