Magic Theory

As a writer of fantasy, one must learn to understand how magic works and the different theories of its use. If you let the characters in your book or short story run around inventing magic out of thin air, their power will be completely boundless and it will become incredibly unrealistic, because, as we all […]

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Key of Magic – a short story

About a year ago, I wrote a story that was meant to reflect many fantasy clichés. I think it ended up sounding hilarious, so when I  discovered it today I decided to share it with you. Please bear in mind that it is consciously poorly-written. Also, I apologize for the use of zombies, I’m not really […]

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How to Write Your First Novel

I wrote a novel. This is how you can too! (Okay, actually, I wrote 76/77 of a novel, and I’m going to finish it soon, but we’ll just focus on the starting today. Finishing can be talked about later.) Oh, and, a disclaimer: this is how to write a novel, according to today Levi. Your writing process or […]

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