Fear & Joy

Why do I let fear grip me? Why do I let anxiety tear at me, peeling my skin until I am exposed and shaking, freezing in the bitter, piercing cold of [the false]* reality [I choose to let myself believe in]? How can I allow my soul to be afraid when there is truly nothing … Continue reading Fear & Joy


Quite Conversational: 7th Day Adventists

It was a quiet, calm, slow Summer Sunday evening. I hopped on my bike and rode for maybe ten minutes, going to a place I often went to think and pray and hope. It was a forest trail; a long, winding, rising and falling path that welcomed the thoughtful soul. Birds chattered in the earlier … Continue reading Quite Conversational: 7th Day Adventists

Throw off the Chains of Lawlessness, Teens

(The puppy here is saying "ah, lawless, of whom I am the worst.") Lawlessness. The whole thing fills me with rage at times. I certainly have experience with being lawless, and I ain't perfect, but for someone who has struggled with doubting the validity of the claims of Christ, lawlessness in the Church and lawlessness … Continue reading Throw off the Chains of Lawlessness, Teens

Why I’m Pro-Life

A couple weeks ago, I asked all of you readers why you are pro-life. I heard different perspectives and different reasons. Here is an explanation from a friend of mine: I'm a Bible-believing Christian. I believe that when God tells us what to do -or not to do- that we should listen and be obedient to what … Continue reading Why I’m Pro-Life

4 Noble Truths Every Christian Should Know About Buddhism

In recent years (and even decades) Buddhism and other eastern philosophies have been encroaching upon the west. Surely, we have no need to fear it. It's just more stupidity in the sea... adding a few gallons of water to the ocean won't change things too much. But we need to be aware of it, especially … Continue reading 4 Noble Truths Every Christian Should Know About Buddhism

the meditations of the christian

Do you meditate? The answer, no matter who you are, is yes. You meditate on something. You might meditate on your worries. You might meditate on your sadness. You might meditate on sin. You might meditate on knowledge. You might meditate on people. Christians should meditate on Truth: The Truth that God Is. The Truth that God … Continue reading the meditations of the christian

Pray for America

Hello, people. As you know, millions of Americans (hopefully including you) will vote today. And that vote will have a huge impact on where this county goes. I'm not a sensationalist, and I think it's unbiblical to worry. But this is important. I also can't vote, so... you know... Yeah. But I can pray, and … Continue reading Pray for America

5×5: 5 Bible Passages to Read When You Don’t Want to Read the Bible

For months, reading the Word was a drudgery. And often, it still is. I am in no way saying that there is a super secret power to always loving the Bible. But there were Scripture passages that helped me appreciate the Bible more. These Bible passages can help fix your motives for reading. Because, when … Continue reading 5×5: 5 Bible Passages to Read When You Don’t Want to Read the Bible

Serving (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 7)

Serving is how Christians show the world that we are different. That we care. And that we follow someone who cares. Looking for some practical ways you can serve? Here's what I thought of. #1: Have an Attitude of Kindness If you're out-and-about with an attitude of kindness, you're like twenty times more likely to … Continue reading Serving (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 7)

Evangelism (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 6)

We have such a great salvation! Not only do we have eternal life with God and other believers, but we have a life with Him now, on earth! We have a relationship with almighty God! So let's share this great salvation! How do we do that? Here are my suggestions. #1: Overcome Your Fears I … Continue reading Evangelism (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 6)