Why I’m a Conservative

In the last few decades, liberals have done a pretty good job of making conservatives look bad. It doesn't matter that we fought against slavery and kept this country unified in the 1800s. It doesn't matter that we gave women the right to vote in 1872. It doesn't matter that we elected the first female … Continue reading Why I’m a Conservative


Why I’m Not a Feminist

If you haven't been hiding under a rock for the last seventy years, I'm sure you've heard the term "feminist." If not, here's a quick definition Google Feedback provided: A person who supports feminism. Okay, that didn't help. Here's the definition of feminism. The advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. … Continue reading Why I’m Not a Feminist


Diversity. It's a popular word, perhaps even a ‘buzzword’. I hear it on the news, I hear it on podcasts, I read about it in blogs. Apparently, diversity is the next hip thing that we should all embrace. It's the new-and-improved model for society. But often, when people say diversity, they only mean a higher … Continue reading Diversity