5×5: 5 Bible Passages to Read When You Don’t Want to Read the Bible

For months, reading the Word was a drudgery. And often, it still is. I am in no way saying that there is a super secret power to always loving the Bible. But there were Scripture passages that helped me appreciate the Bible more. These Bible passages can help fix your motives for reading. Because, when […]

A How-to Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines

If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I just finished a series on the spiritual disciplines. (Outlined in Don Whitney’s book, the Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.) Well, this post is basically just a table of contents for you to find any of the articles you missed or review any that were helpful. […]

Journaling (The Spritual Disciplines-Part 11)

Many famous Christians of the pastĀ and many of theĀ present advocate(d) journaling. I would define “journaling” (writing in a journal) as writing down your thoughts and ideas, how you are feeling, what happened that day, or any other things you care to record. Many people write what God is teaching them. Others write what happened that […]

Silence & Solitude (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 10)

I’ve never met a mature Christian who doesn’t value times of quiet solitude. And yet, we often push it aside, thinking it to be a waste of time or at least not worth the time. So here are some suggestions to help make the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude easier. #1: Find a Quiet […]

Fasting (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 9)

(Explanation for the image above: I had to.) When a pastor brings up the subject of fasting, many Christians are likely to quietly sneak out the back door before anyone notices. (But none of you would do that, right?) I hope I can clear up some of that fear, and maybe convince you that fasting […]

Evangelism (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 6)

We have such a great salvation! Not only do we have eternal life with God and other believers, but we have a life with Him now, on earth! We have a relationship with almighty God! So let’s share this great salvation! How do we do that? Here are my suggestions. #1: Overcome Your Fears I […]

Worship (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 5)

God is eternal, and holy, and awesome, and good, and wonderful. Yet, so often we only let that mean one thing: He can do what I want Him to do. Today I’d like to get you to see the different side of things. Because He is all of that, we should not only trust Him […]

Prayer (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 4)

Prayer is amazing. God has given us access into His very presence through His son, Jesus. He listens to us! The Almighty God, the Creator of everything, listens to us! Prayer does two things of high importance. One is it changes us. It gives us faith, and shows us what God’s will is. The other […]

Studying and Meditating on the Word of God (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 3)

Today I will cover the last two spiritual disciplines surrounding the Bible. These disciplines are (1) studying the Word and (2) meditating on it. I think these are very similar, but not exactly the same. Studying the Word (I think) is more about checking cross-references, figuring out what things meant in the original language, and […]

Memorizing the Word of God (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 2)

When I was young(er), I went to a program at my church where, among other things, we memorized verses. These verses impacted me a lot and built the foundation for biblical knowledge. When I graduated into the next program, I memorized 108 verses. Do I remember them all? Definitely not. There are some I wouldn’t […]