As an introduction to this topic, I’ve chosen a video of a speech by a young woman named Katie Stowe. It’s about eight minutes, and worth every second. Click here to see it. I would encourage you to watch it before reading the rest of this post.

#voice4millions is sort of a campaign I started to get people thinking and talking about the issue of abortion. I say “voice” because the babies murdered across the world every year have no voice before they are snuffed out. They cannot speak about the horrific crimes committed to them. So who will be their voice? I have decided to be one, and I would love for you to join me. I say “millions” because an estimated 40-50 million children are killed in the womb every year around the world. So there are millions of people from thousands of different backgrounds, each being killed because they will be a social problem, a potential threat to another person’s life, or there supposedly aren’t enough resources for them. So here are the goals of #voice4millions:

Goals of #Voice4Millions

  • Raise awareness and get people talking. For a long time, this has been and continues to be a touchy subject with people, but if we intend to save children, we must open up these barriers of communication. Talking about this more will also mean we will be able to help more mothers who have had abortions to find forgiveness and peace.
  • Defund Planned Parenthood. This organization is the leader of abortion in the US, and it is totally wrong that we are paying to fund it. (And by the way, politicians like to say that abortions aren’t all that Planned Parenthood does, but this company performs 40% of the abortions in the US, and more than 50% of their revenue is from abortion.)
  • Overturn Roe v Wade. Abortion should be illegal in all fifty states, and the first thing we can do to get this happening is to overturn Roe v Wade, which made it legal in all fifty.

If you disagree with my position or just want more information, here are my answers to some frequently asked questions.


  • Aren’t those “babies” just fetuses, not really people yet? No, every person, from conception to death, is fully human and deserves to live. Why? Well, the most scientific reason is that every living thing has DNA, and that DNA is totally present in the fetus. As the child develops, the DNA directs to make changes and grow into a larger version of what the child is currently. In other words, every fetus has a complete DNA set and is thus just a human on an earlier stage, not anything less.
  • Isn’t it a mother’s choice? Yes. It’s a mother’s choice, in most circumstances, to decide she is willing to have a baby. But that choice must be decided before conception, not after. Of course, that brings us to the sad question of rape.
  • What about rape? Rape is always bad, and it’s a horrible, horrible thing for someone to have to go through. But killing your child because the child is a result of a sad circumstance is not right, and it will not make you feel better about the rape or forget it. Despite what many say, that child will not simply be a reminder of your rape. It will be a testimony of God’s grace, and I can bet you that child will be glad for his or her life, no matter the circumstances that brought it about.
  • What if the mother’s life is in danger? The answer to this question really requires a belief in the sovereignty of God. In the end, you have to leave it in God’s hands. In many cases, the doctors are wrong and the baby is born and the mother saved. But even so, I believe the unconditional love of a mother and father should withstand this. It should be no man or woman’s right to take the life of an unborn child.
  • Aren’t men supposed to be silent about the issue? Well, obviously, the fact that I’m speaking out about this means I believe the answer is no, and here’s why: I was a “fetus” once. You were a “fetus” once. All the people to ever live were once just babies in wombs. Sure, women have a more first-hand perspective on the issue. But both men and women could have been aborted, and thus, they have a voice to speak out against it.
  • Isn’t this sort of good for the problem of over-population? First off, if you think the death of millions of innocent people is good for the earth, then why don’t you add to the number and help us all? Obviously, this is the most idiotic reasoning for the case of abortion. For one thing, climate change and over-population are theories, not facts, and I have a paper I wrote about the former that I may post sometime. For another, most people believe that if these things exist, they are solvable. So, in theory, one of these aborted children could have cured the problem of overpopulation. In fact, we could have had cancer cured by now, who knows? How would race relations be if Martin Luther King had been aborted?
  • If you believe babies go to Heaven, why do you care so much about this? Simply because I believe it’s God’s right to take a baby to Heaven if it’s time, not yours.
  • Isn’t this a political issue? Yes, it is. But that is only because laws must be in place around the issue, and some believe those laws are debatable. I do not believe the laws are debatable, I think that all abortions always should be illegal. Do I think women who have had abortions in the past should be punished? No, obviously, it was legal then. Do I believe that women and the abortion doctors who help them have an abortion in the future should be punished? Certainly the doctors, but the mother needs compassion. Putting a mother in prison for an abortion would often not change the level of regret on her part. It’s a touchy subject, but I believe we can find a strong and compassionate approach.

How You Can Take Part in #Voice4Millions

  • Add “#voice4millions” to your online profiles. You can add it by writing text across your profile picture on Facebook or putting the hashtag in your bio on Instagram or Twitter. For Instagram and Twitter, just go to your profile, click edit, and scroll down to edit your bio. For Facebook, click to edit your profile picture, and you can use Facebook’s built-in text-adder.
  • Sign this petition asking President Donald Trump and our fifty governors of the USA to do all they can to stop abortion.
  • Explain why you believe abortion is wrong in a Facebook post, Instagram caption, or tweet, and hashtag it with #voice4millions.
  • Share this blog post on your Facebook or Twitter.
  • Watch and share this speech I gave at a Right to Life contest addressing abortion.
  • Buy the #voice4millions shirt! Just click here to see it. (It’s not a “proceeds go here” type of thing, it’s just a shirt I created for people to buy if they wanted to use it as a talking point.)

Here is a contact form if you disagree with me on something, have an additional question, or want to help support this campaign in more ways:


This was originally posted in November of 2016.