about me


Above the surface:

My name is Levi Pierpont. I am 17 years and 7 months old exactly today, May 1st. I live in Michigan and I enjoy playing music, being with friends, and, perhaps obviously, writing.

Underneath the surface:

I have a head-scratching inner life consisting of

  • inside jokes which confuse friends and strangers (you forgot to feed the chickens, Hannah! And now they’re dead!)
  • pages and pages of digital journal entries detailing the day, then discussing the drama or subtleties of it all for much too long
  • Illuminati messaging
  • imaginary interviews with the press (just getting ready for fame)
  • a bungalow of depressive downward spirals fit for almost any occasion

Is it still an inner life, now that I’ve shared it? I’m not sure. And most people who know me in-person know one or two or all of these things, so if an inner life is nonexistent upon shared, I’m afraid I stopped living internally long ago.

On the Myers Briggs Personality test (free to take at 16personalities.com), I am an ENFP. According to the website, this means that I am an enthusiastic (YES!), creative (yes), sociable (yeah), free spirit (so-so), who can always usually find a reason to smile.

And now, on the topic of fairies. There is much rumor going around as to whether or not I have truly come into contact with The Fairy-verse, The Otherworld, et cetera. By the laws that govern the binding of our world with this Otherworld, which rotates in a cycle nearby to ours, I am forbidden from confirming any of these rumors. I will admit that if one were to come into contact with other dimensions, I should think he would at least write about it in a “fictional” book or two.

Sometimes I think that I am addicted to nonsense. I tire of the regular, normal world we are forced to conduct ourselves like adults in. Sure, we have strangeness and mystery, but it’s not enough. Absolute nonsense—jokes with no clear humor, idioms with no clear meaning, conversations with no clear application—is something we all need in our lives, whether we think it or not. You might hate it at first, but then you’ll realize it makes life a living butterfly palace of mischief. What you thought was like the sky, full of interesting turtles, was actually the ocean, and you’ve been living on the coast this whole time without ever having a swig of real lemonade—just this gross stuff made out of lemons, sugar, and carrot water. And that, my friend, is a shame.

I have several secret projects, all of which at least a few people know about. I write a lot of classicly-depressing teen poetry, as well as short stories, and the occasional novel. I also compose music, and sometimes the songs I write have words. Other times, they only get emotions. If you would like to know more about these projects, email me about them or use the contact form below. However, there is one project I can tell you all about right here on the blog.

The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert

Started in November of 2015, this is my very first novel. It covers the dimensional journey of a young teen to a world of magic which was started by our ancestors but is now ruled by a cruel queen. I like the storyline, and I think the character development is okay, but I’m not going to try to talk it up—it was a good writing experience, but we’ll see how others like the reading experience. The whole thing is about 60,000 words (a bit longer than classic tween titles like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time), but it is still in the major process of being edited by several close friends and family members. I hope to have the whole thing edited and ready to share with you all via CreateSpace by December of 2018.


This page was initially created on June 20th of 2014, a few months after the blog was first established in March. This edit is the fifth or sixth version of the page. 



12 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hey Levi. You commented on my blog some time back, and I’m afraid I completely forgot about your comment. :/ You mentioned guest posting for each other’s blogs, which I think is a great idea. 🙂

    Maybe we could talk some more about this!


  2. Glad to go on a walk with you. The rain is coming down outside my house, but rain never stopped me from walking. Love your fire for Jesus! I am also a musician and worship leader.


  3. Keep writing, Levi. God is using your writing and will continue to use it in big ways.
    You inspire me to pick up blogging again. Maybe that could be a future blog post: how to re-enter the blog sphere after inactivity. 😉 Love you, bro.


  4. I love your explanation of ambivert…I may just be one of those too….and you are an amazing young man and I love you so much! So thankful that the Lord in His infinite wisdom blessed our family with you! ❤


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