5 Ways to Leave an Impression on Every Person You Meet

People like to impress people. It’s just sort of a universal thing. So, here are five ways to leave an impression on every person you meet. 1. Learn their name. One way to easily show someone you care is to learn their name. I know so many people that have left an impression on me… Continue reading 5 Ways to Leave an Impression on Every Person You Meet



As an introduction to this topic, I’ve chosen a video of a speech by a young woman named Katie Stowe. It’s about eight minutes, and worth every second. Click here to see it. I would encourage you to watch it before reading the rest of this post. #voice4millions is sort-of a campaign I started to get… Continue reading #voice4millions

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Yes, politics. I’m going to tell you exactly what I think about our presidential candidates this leap year and who I would vote for if I could vote. First and foremost: Trump, 2016. Yes. To be honest, I’m incredibly annoyed by how many Christians continue to act is if they don’t know who to vote… Continue reading Politics


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Hello, people. I am back for Autumn. Autumn is perhaps my favorite season. I may like October more, though. October is when my birthday is. I was born on October 1st, 2000. Whenever I fill out paperwork, my mom tells me to write it “10/01/2000.” But that’s super boring and people don’t get to see… Continue reading on and on

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Goodbye for the Summer!

Hello, blog readers! This Summer, I am not going to write at all. I’m just going to take a break for about three months. You can still read old posts, and I may re-publish a few good ones from the past two years, but as far as new content… I will be saying goodbye. Have… Continue reading Goodbye for the Summer!

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Throw off the Chains of Lawlessness, Teens

(The puppy here is saying “ah, lawless, of whom I am the worst.”) Lawlessness. The whole thing fills me with rage at times. I certainly have experience with being lawless, and I ain’t perfect, but for someone who has struggled with doubting the validity of the claims of Christ, lawlessness in the Church and lawlessness… Continue reading Throw off the Chains of Lawlessness, Teens



So, as most seasons start, I get this big-ish feeling of change and newness. This happens even more at new years, but as new seasons start, I get little doses of it. So recently, I’ve been making Summer plans. (Studies show that making a better tomorrow can make your today feel more hopeful. You don’t… Continue reading Change


“Fogies” & “Fetuses,” How Millennials Use Labels to Belittle People

I am a true millennial, born in the year 2000. Millennialism goes from the year 1985 to 2005, lasting twenty years. And let me tell you, millennials, like all other generations, are not all cupcakes and rainbows. Here is one sad issue that I have stumbled upon in the last few weeks. When referring to… Continue reading “Fogies” & “Fetuses,” How Millennials Use Labels to Belittle People


Why I’m Pro-Life

A couple weeks ago, I asked all of you readers why you are pro-life. I heard different perspectives and different reasons. Here is an explanation from a friend of mine: I’m a Bible-believing Christian. I believe that when God tells us what to do -or not to do- that we should listen and be obedient to what… Continue reading Why I’m Pro-Life



Diversity. It’s a popular word, perhaps even a ‘buzzword’. I hear it on the news, I hear it on podcasts, I read about it in blogs. Apparently, diversity is the next hip thing that we should all embrace. It’s the new-and-improved model for society. But often, when people say diversity, they only mean a higher… Continue reading Diversity