"Hey, could I drop in with one of the counselors just to 'declare' my program of study?" "Um, drop-in hours are Tuesday and Wednesday—" "Sooo... Can I drop in?" What's the magic word? What am I missing? "It's Thursday." Life has been so lovely lately. God is working (as always, of course), God loves me, and [...]

The Presence of God

The Presence of God is that "still, small voice" you may hear at night, comforting you, encouraging you, reminding you of the glorious relationship you have with your Creator, your Sustainer, and your Forever Pursuer. It is unlike anything you can experience with any human being. It is the feeling—yes, a God-given, true feeling—of being [...]

The Internet

We've all heard the fear-mongering about the internet. "This is destroying our attention spans, our thoughts, our brains!" "Social media is a comparison trap, a breeding ground for depression!" "Hyper-connectivity has brought an end to true connection!" Some of this is a bit over-the-top, but I must admit that the internet, on the whole, does [...]

Anchors: an exploration of self-love, toxic people, and Jesus

If the entirety of your life is to give happiness to yourself, then it's a pretty meaningless life. Isn't it? Some people seem to have another view. You, it appears, should be placed at the center of the Universe. Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can [...]

2017 WC – 2nd Place: Madison Edwards

“Be grateful for another day. Not everybody made it, so don’t take it for granted.” It was on a bright, humid day in the stunningly beautiful city of Naples, Florida, that I made my first kill. Looking back, I have only regret, shame, and the haunting memories that still stick with me. The sun was [...]

2017 WC – 1st Place: Adryanna O’Keefe

In the kingdom we call Attic, A treasure chest, veiled in dust, Conceals the riches of a dreamer, The visions of a queen. A mirror, framed in solid gold, Entrusts to us an image sweet, Of full cheeks tinted pink as posies And eyes as dazzling as the seas. Fabric cascades in gentle waves, A [...]

The Cross, for Me: A Poem

Was every nail in your hands for my neighbour? Was every drop of blood for my neighbour? Was every wound in your side for my neighbour? Was every thorn in your crown for my neighbour? Jesus, make the cross mine. If the thorns were not for me, I cannot throw a crown at your feet. [...]

Love & Time: A Poem

Sun sets, moon wanes Clouds fall in heavy rain And winds surround and push Against broken window panes Shaking my soul Within The harrowing passing of time Brings a shiver to my Being Perhaps it is not time I fear But time that goes by--- The setting sun, the waning moon, The falling cloud, the [...]

Death & Power: A Poem

control is an illusion decisions are frauds no one chooses anything cemeteries aren't alphabetised we choose when to marry when to have children when to buy a house but cemeteries aren't alphabetised we decide where to go when to go there who to be with but cemeteries aren't alphabetised we work hard in our lives [...]