Many of you may remember the writing contest I talked about a bit ago. You may also remember the supposed announcement containing winners of said writing contest would be August 21st. Well, I messed up. With everything else going on this Summer, I completely forgot about it in the week prior. I am sorry to […]

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The Cross, for Me: A Poem

Was every nail in your hands for my neighbour? Was every drop of blood for my neighbour? Was every wound in your side for my neighbour? Was every thorn in your crown for my neighbour? Jesus, make the cross mine. If the thorns were not for me, I cannot throw a crown at your feet. […]

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Love & Time: A Poem

Sun sets, moon wanes Clouds fall in heavy rain And winds surround and push Against broken window panes Shaking my soul Within The harrowing passing of time Brings a shiver to my Being Perhaps it is not time I fear But time that goes by— The setting sun, the waning moon, The falling cloud, the […]

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Death & Power: A Poem

control is an illusion decisions are frauds no one chooses anything cemeteries aren’t alphabetised we choose when to marry when to have children when to buy a house but cemeteries aren’t alphabetised we decide where to go when to go there who to be with but cemeteries aren’t alphabetised we work hard in our lives […]

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days of life

Days pass, and as they do, we pack them up in boxes and call them “Weeks”. A few Weeks pass, and we pack them up in a box and call it a “Month”. A few Months pass, which get packed into a “Season”, and then four of these whisk by and get labeled as a “Year”. But […]

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General Editing Guidlines

This month, I hope to give out editing copies of my novel, The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert. I’m writing this post for anyone who wants to help. All you need is… The book. (I have a select team who will receive it from me for free in exchange for valuable edits.) A pencil. (Or […]

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