Death & Power: A Poem

control is an illusion decisions are frauds no one chooses anything cemeteries aren't alphabetised we choose when to marry when to have children when to buy a house but cemeteries aren't alphabetised we decide where to go when to go there who to be with but cemeteries aren't alphabetised we work hard in our lives [...]

The Writing Contest Deadline is Approaching!

This is a quick announcement to let you all know that the writing contest deadline is approaching (July 21st!), and I need more entries! Please send in anything (from twenty-one words to 2,100 words) you've written! Prose, poetry, nonfiction, it doesn't matter. For a rule-refresher, just head to the original post. Also, if you're interested in judging, please [...]

days of life

Days pass, and as they do, we pack them up in boxes and call them "Weeks". A few Weeks pass, and we pack them up in a box and call it a "Month". A few Months pass, which get packed into a "Season", and then four of these whisk by and get labeled as a "Year". But [...]

Frozen: Not Another Disney Love Story

Do you want to build a snowman? If you haven’t been hiding under a troll for the last few years, you’ve heard this line from a song in the popular children’s movie Frozen. People of all ages have fallen in love with the music and the story. Despite its often lighthearted tone, it teaches valuable [...]

General Editing Guidlines

This month, I hope to give out editing copies of my novel, The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert. I'm writing this post for anyone who wants to help. All you need is... The book. (I have a select team who will receive it from me for free in exchange for valuable edits.) A pencil. (Or [...]

Advice Applied: A Humorous​ Short Story Based on a Mark Twain Speech

Here is a short story I wrote for my writing class that is loosely based on a Mark Twain speech. “Gertrude!” a woman yelled up the stairs to her young daughter. A pudgy, young girl of short stature bounded down the stairs, taking each one as if falling from the one before. Her short brown [...]

Summer Reading

It's Summer, the only time of year when we pledge to read a million books, then toss them out the car window on our way to the beach. But maybe you actually want to read this Summer! If so, here are some books you should add to your stack. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine [...]

Stressed Out?

We are nearing the end of a school year and a long season of busyness. This is leaving many of us sleep-deprived, stressed, and even depressed about a variety of things. Here are a few reasons why: You don't have adequate rest. You aren't enjoying moments. You aren't getting enough sleep. (Yes, sleep and rest [...]