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Hello, people. I am back for Autumn. Autumn is perhaps my favorite season. I may like October more, though. October is when my birthday is. I was born on October 1st, 2000. Whenever I fill out paperwork, my mom tells me to write it "10/01/2000." But that's super boring and people don't get to see [...]

50 Questions

Would you like to get to know someone better, have a good conversation at your table, or just laugh a little with someone else? I give you: 50 questions. Each question has two simple answers, and all you have to do is choose which one suits you. Flight or Invisibility? Dragon or Fairy? Write a [...]

4 Noble Truths Every Christian Should Know About Buddhism

In recent years (and even decades) Buddhism and other eastern philosophies have been encroaching upon the west. Surely, we have no need to fear it. It's just more stupidity in the sea... adding a few gallons of water to the ocean won't change things too much. But we need to be aware of it, especially [...]

the meditations of the christian

Do you meditate? The answer, no matter who you are, is yes. You meditate on something. You might meditate on your worries. You might meditate on your sadness. You might meditate on sin. You might meditate on knowledge. You might meditate on people. Christians should meditate on Truth: The Truth that God Is. The Truth that God [...]

The History and People of Fairenland (a fascinating fictitious explanation)

Once, long ago, (21,000 years ago) a world was created quite unlike anything that we have ever seen. It was given the name "Fairenland" for its people, the Fairens. Fairens were tall and stately, with black hair and eyes of the most exotic colors. They lived in a huge kingdom whose leader was one "High [...]

Some Things Have Changed – An Update on My Faith

A while ago (December 6th), I posted an article titled 'Truth and Doubt.' In it, I shared my doubts about Christianity. It was pretty big for me and I'm sure it was big for you if you know me well. You all showed a lot of care and prayed for me like crazy. And, I [...]

My Favorite Authors

I love so many authors, so I wanted to share a few with you today. Listing favorite books is nice, but a list of favorite authors includes so much more. So here is a list of my favorite authors. CS Lewis This one is beginning to sound is really cliché, but very true. I have read Mere [...]

Truth and Doubt

Hello, friends and family! I’m sure many of you have noticed my lack of blogging, and I wanted to share the reason for that with you today. Ever since I could remember, I believed in God and the Bible and Creation and all those things. One of my earliest memories is talking to my dad [...]

5×5: 5 Tips to Memorize a Verse (A Guest Post By Zachary Pierpont)

This is a guest post by my friend and cousin, Zachary Pierpont, who blogs over at zacharypierpont.wordpress.com, where this article was originally posted. You've probably considered memorizing before, and maybe you've tried, many times you've probably given up either because you lost patience, or you weren't interested in what you were memorizing. Maybe you wish [...]

The Parable of the Good Deeds

Let me tell you a parable. Or, rather, a series of parables. Once, quite a long time ago, there was a man who was often doing "good deeds." He always felt a warm sensation in his heart when he did something that helped others. And, as he was standing in line for a pastry at [...]