I can feel Summer coming.

I love Winter. I really like all the seasons, except Spring, but I don’t really believe in Spring. I think that, as soon as I can smell Summer in the air, it’s Summer. And, as much as I love Winter… when I smell Summer, my thoughts will be for no other until I have walked the pier and ridden my bicycle to work and splashed into the water and sat in a hot car reading.

Summer gives the chance to do so much, at least for students. This year, I’ll be continuing a few subjects into Summer, but not too many, so it will definitely give me a break.

So, without further introduction, here are my Summer plans that will probably end up not being realized.

  • School: I’ll be continuing math and history, but I will say goodbye to Advanced Essay Writing, Economics, and PHYSICAL SCIENCE, which will be a joy. However, this requires saying goodbye to my co-op friends, and that is not fun.
  • Work: I’m looking forward to biking to work instead of walking and being driven in the car. It’s a beautiful little drive. I don’t think I’ll have more than usual hours, so that’s nice.
  • Reading: Ah, reading… the sound of it is so much more enjoyable than the practice. Sometimes I think I’m enjoying reading, then I catch myself checking to see how many pages are left until the end of the chapter. How is it possible to love something, yet compulsively check to see when I’ll be done? I wish I could read huge books like cool people read.
  • Writing: I’m still in the planning process for my second novel, but I do want to write a large portion of it this Summer.

So, that’s my life! It’s so hard to predict what life will be like a month from now (let alone two days) so we shall see if I manage any of this. (I mean, hopefully I’ll keep working on my school and going to work. But the reading and writing might not work out.)

What are your Summer plans? What do you want to achieve? Sometimes it’s good just to think through your goals enough to write them down.

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