Think Outside of Your Universe

I am a dreamer. I don’t mean that I sit for hours, hoping to have something in the future, or even that I have a lot of dreams. I mean that I think about a lot of things most people don’t care to give thought to.

Most of us are burdened down with our wants and needs, thinking only of fulfilling them. We run around with our hopes and fears, never stopping to think outside of our own life, let alone out of our family or state or country or small little earth.

This is an invitation to think outside of your universe. Stop for a moment, and consider something fantastically odd. Wonder about the idea of other worlds. Dream up wacky linguistic origin stories. Look around you, and just think about what it’d be like if you had never seen anything before. Imagine that you grew up in another place or country.

Don’t get trapped in your own life. Your boundaries are only as far as your imagination can reach.


One response to “Think Outside of Your Universe”

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