I am publishing a novel. It’s called The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert, and it’s about a boy who finds himself in another world and must take part in a battle against a cruel Queen’s dictatorship. As adventurous as that sounds, it’s really more about his internal battle and the relationships he builds. I finished it at 2:02 AM on March 2nd, and after giving it a break from my thoughts, I’ve found I want to return to it. So, a couple weeks ago, I ordered an editing/proofing copy for myself and began the work of turning it into a polished second draft! I’ve decided I’m going to change a lot about the first few chapters, and the last half of the book or so is rife with typical typos, but I enjoy it.

Once I have finished editing everything I want to myself, I’ll add page numbers (didn’t realize those weren’t automatic), a copyright page (also something that isn’t automatic), and make the cover something more appealing. After this, the writing process will be in phase three as I order five or six updated copies for trusted grammarians and friends to proof and comment on. If everything goes well and there aren’t huge things to fix, I’ll be publishing for regular sale in August!

For those of you who are curious, I am publishing through CreateSpace, an Amazon self-publishing website. It’s surprisingly inexpensive and easy, so if you’ve written a book, I heartily recommend you use their services, and I’m not making any money telling you this.

Here’s a sneak peak on the cover.


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  1. Well… I believe it took me one year, three months, and twenty-one days (approximately) and it certainly felt like a long time. Honestly, I have no idear how I did it. I don’t stick with things I get into, I don’t complete projects. But somehow, I finished! There were many periods where I just stopped writing. Near the end of it, I had to print it all up and read through it just to know where to pick back up again. I had planned out the plot enough that the main task wasn’t writer’s block, but just putting down the words in a framework that was already laid.

    Try writing 274 words a day! That’s my rule when I get stuck. It’s pretty easy, and you’ll write more than 100,000 words in a year if you keep up the pace. More than enough to finish that novel!

    Plot holes must be filled! I had a few times where I had to scratch my head and figure out a way to explain something. You just have to creatively figure out a way to solve everything. Just keep thinking.

    What’s your novel about? Email me!

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  2. Congrats! How long did I take you (roughly) to finish your novel! And do you have any advice for me? I’ve been working on my novel for a while now, but haven’t gotten any farther than 10,000 or so words. How do you manage to muster to strength to keep going even when beset with things like writer’s block or plot holes?