Truth and Doubt

Hello, friends and family! I’m sure many of you have noticed my lack of blogging, and I wanted to share the reason for that with you today. Ever since I could remember, I believed in God and the Bible and Creation and all those things. One of my earliest memories is talking to my dad [...]

5×5: 5 Tips to Memorize a Verse (A Guest Post By Zachary Pierpont)

This is a guest post by my friend and cousin, Zachary Pierpont, who blogs over at, where this article was originally posted. You've probably considered memorizing before, and maybe you've tried, many times you've probably given up either because you lost patience, or you weren't interested in what you were memorizing. Maybe you wish [...]

The Parable of the Good Deeds

Let me tell you a parable. Or, rather, a series of parables. Once, quite a long time ago, there was a man who was often doing "good deeds." He always felt a warm sensation in his heart when he did something that helped others. And, as he was standing in line for a pastry at [...]

Leftovers (a guest post by Christina Book)

Everything had been perfect, from the shiny silverware to the golden-brown turkey. Guests had enjoyed the perfectly cooked potatoes with a square lump of butter on top alongside their bright green beans. Scoops of ice cream ladled with caramel syrup and chocolate shavings had been set by each place for dessert. But now the guests [...]

Hearing and Reading the Word of God (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 1)

The Bible is a powerful book. It converts those of every religion to a relationship with the true God, and it is the most important book for every Christian. Yet, often we Christians ignore it or devalue it. That’s a big mistake. Today we will be looking at two spiritual disciplines. Both of them surround the [...]

Islam and Christianity

We've known Islam was dangerous for a long time, but recently, the dealings with Isis have gotten to a point where many Christians are worried. The culture in America seems to be blinded to the danger of Islam, coining words like "Islamiphobia." Islam is deadly, and I would venture to say it was created by [...]

Spiritual Disciplines Series

Coming up on this blog: a series of how-to on each of the Spiritual Disciplines, laid out in Don Whitney’s (very good) book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.   The Spiritual Disciplines are not legalistic or boring. If practiced to somehow be more spiritual or have a spiritual prowess over others, then that would be legalistic. If practiced to [...]

Jesus Lives!!!

Jesus lives, just as He said! He has saved us from our sin and given us eternal life! Praise God on this great day! Tell everyone of this wonderful news! God is indeed good. He has saved us! Blessed be The Lord, our only savior. We are not doomed! Praise God! Here's the whole story [...]

Guest Post: Bible Reading Part One, Getting Started by Zach Pierpont

This is a guest post written by my cousin and friend, Zachary Pierpont. You can find him on Twitter (@ZachPierpont) and you can visit his blog, I will be writing a two part series on bible reading.  The first post (this one) includes tips for getting started. In the second part I hope to include tips [...]