on and on

Hello, people. I am back for Autumn.

Autumn is perhaps my favorite season. I may like October more, though. October is when my birthday is. I was born on October 1st, 2000. Whenever I fill out paperwork, my mom tells me to write it “10/01/2000.” But that’s super boring and people don’t get to see how cool October looks on paper if I do that.

Speaking of paperwork: I got a job! Like a real job where I’m scheduled and payed. That’s why I had to fill out all the paperwork. I get really tired of filling out my address, birthday, name, phone number, and social security card number. Speaking of my social security number, it’s 649268441. Now I’m laughing because half of you thought I was actually going to put my social security card number there. Silly me. (That was a lie, I never laughed because I’m by myself and hello, who laughs when they’re by themself? No one. At all. And if they tell you they do they’re lying.)

I’m also taking classes in like a co-op thing. I’m excited for that.

…But I am going to be super busy. And I am not used to that. (I’m used to going to church. And… church. And… church. Maybe some grocery store thrown in sometimes… OH! AND WALMART! But only special occasions. Now I’m going to be running around to church and tutoring classes at co-op and work and the grocery store and WALMART.) (Slight exaggeration.) But, I think all the busyness and accountability will help me learn to get more done. That’s my goal for this school year:

Learn how to get more done.

And you may also be wondering what I will be doing with this blog. Well, I’ve decided not to decide. (A skill I picked up in Adult Classes.) That is, until I have a good picture of what my life will be like for the next nine months. So I will let you know in… two weeks. How is that? Around September 20th. I may blog every week, or twice a week… but probably only once a month, to be honest. But I will see then.

So, goodbye, people. Talk to you later.


11 responses to “on and on”

  1. Andrea Evans. Avatar
    Andrea Evans.


  2. Levi Pierpont Avatar

    Aww… I’ll try to send you an email. If I don’t, I love you and I’ll miss you and be praying for you. “love ya see ya byeeee”

  3. Andrea Evans. Avatar
    Andrea Evans.

    Indeed we do. I’d much prefer to talk in person but I leave in two days so you should send me a message or an email.

  4. Levi Pierpont Avatar

    we need to talk sometime by the way

  5. Levi Pierpont Avatar

    Yeah, this rule doesn’t apply to you.

  6. hosannalee17 Avatar

    I laughed by myself when I saw this comment. In fact sometimes I lay on my bed laughing alone at nothing in particular but that’s just because I’m a crazy person.

  7. nathanpierpont Avatar

    I laughed out loud too and there was no one there to hear me and I’m not lying. Well, I heard it. Is that a Pierpont brother thing.

  8. Levi Pierpont Avatar

    Yeah, well, do you have any witnesses? So you weren’t by yourself! See?

    I crack myself up, too.

  9. Levi Pierpont Avatar

    Great to have your comments back:)

  10. Kevin Avatar

    I laugh when I’m by myself. Not lying’. Laughed when I read this. All alone. Yup.

  11. Ann Avatar

    Great to have you back, Levi. It sounds like you will be a very busy guy so I will look forward to hearing from you whenever you have the time and the thoughts to share. Enjoy your Autumn. It is also one of my most favorite times of the year.

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