The History and People of Fairenland (a fascinating fictitious explanation)

Once, long ago, (21,000 years ago) a world was created quite unlike anything that we have ever seen.

It was given the name “Fairenland” for its people, the Fairens.

Fairens were tall and stately, with black hair and eyes of the most exotic colors. They lived in a huge kingdom whose leader was one “High Fairen” who ruled with peace and dignity.

That was 21,000 years ago, of course, and we’re talking about their years, not ours.

7,000 years later, there was a Great War. The High Fairen’s son decided he wanted to take the throne once his father died, but this was not the tradition. The Seven Scrolls they had at that time made it clear that the throne rotated through twenty-one families, ticking through once every seventy-seven years.

Many Fairens died that year and the years following due to the selfishly-immature acts of the High Fairen’s son.

To end this terrible war, the Creator gave each of them “Grand Uniquenesses.” This split them up into the Seven Nations, which formed the One Great Kingdom.

The first nation was deemed “The Tall Fairens,” and they looked just as all the others had looked before them, but now, looking normal was unique.

The second nation was deemed “The Ocean Fairens,” and they were fairly normal-looking Fairens, but they had many fins along their body and could only walk on dry land for short distances.

The third nation was deemed “The Forest Fairens,” and they lived in the trees and looked as the trees looked. They had branches of flower and foliage jutting out from their heads as deer’s antlers, and their skin was brown and mossy.

The fourth nation was deemed “The Cave Fairens,” and they were short, stout little Fairens, with thick black fur for warmth and eyes that shone with light in the night. They were nocturnal.

The fifth nation was deemed “The Air Fairens,” and they were like bird-people, having two eagle wings and a tall, ‘normal’ frame. They lived in huge, spherical nests that hung from the trees.

The sixth nation was deemed “The Arctic Fairens,” and they lived in the cold places of Fairenland. They had white fur and black eyes that could barely be seen. They lived in snow homes most of the year. Sadly, because of their white fur, they were looked down upon and seen as animals.

The seventh nation was deemed “The Mountain Fairens,” and they were fawn-like beasts, with sure-footed hooves for feet and much black fur to keep them warm. They lived in little mountain homes, chiseled into the sides of the mountains.

This kingdom was a very grand one for 7,000 years. Then, the “Great Calamity.”

Fairens left the “Law of the Creator” and took up the “Laws of the Creatures.” They took care of animals and gave them food and were worshiping them in some ways, when they should have kept their focus on the Creator and His “Great Creations,” the Fairens.

To respond to this Great Calamity, the Creator handed down seven more scrolls, one going to each nation. Now each of the seven nations had three scrolls, making twenty-one scrolls in all. These scrolls returned their hearts and minds to their Creator for the next 7,000 years.

But it could not last. The world, at this time, was nearing its end.

To understand its end, though, you must understand its beginning.

The Creator came to the Dark Space in the Void with a song in His heart. He took seven angels, who witnessed and took part in the Creation of Fairenland.

The first angel sang his song, a song about light and darkness. Through the power of the Creator, light was unleashed upon the world of Fairenland.

The second angel sang his song, a song about the forms and spheres that cast light and hold beings. Through the power of the Creator, forms and spheres were created to cast light and hold beings. In all, 77 star systems were created, Fairenland’s planet being in one of them.

The third angel sang his song, a song about hills and valleys and mountains and caves. Through the power of the Creator, hills and valleys and mountains and caves were created.

The fourth angel sang his song, a song about rivers and lakes and oceans. Through the power of the Creator, rivers and lakes and oceans were created.

The fifth angel sang his song, a song about trees and bushes and food-bearing plants. Through the power of the Creator, trees and bushes and food-bearing plants were created.

The sixth angel sang his song, a song about large animals and little creatures and insects of varying sizes. Through the power of the Creator, large animals and little creatures and insects of varying sizes were created.

The seventh angel, the angel given the most power since the rebellion of the Dark One, sang his song, a song about a people with intellect and emotion and great form. Through the power of the Creator, people with intellect and emotion and great form were created.

Then the Creator spoke, and the angels and new people watching with careful interest. He told them that this creation was indeed very good and wholly beautiful. But He told them He knew, as He knew with all other worlds, that this world would not always be very good and wholly beautiful. The people were saddened by this, but were trusting of him.

He told them that once the world had accomplished everything it was meant to accomplish, He would bring an end to the world.

And, 21,000 years later, He did.

None of them know how Darkness entered their world. This moment is not documented as it is in our world. But somehow, Darkness came, and made it all imperfect. The Fairens are saddened by this.

So, today, they are aware that their world is imploding upon itself, coming to an end. As they make the journey to other worlds, they must say goodbye to their homes, their castles, their language, their culture, and their world.

I hope this was interesting to you, even if you don’t care for fantasy. I am working out this story about Fairens currently, as it will be the subject of my next novel, The World Travels of the Wickert Twins. I just thought I would share it with you and see what you all think about it.

Thanks for reading!



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  2. Joyce Zuiderveen · March 16, 2016

    Wow! Nice work. Can’t wait to read more. You made me want to start painting Fairenland….especially the woodland Fairens with their flowered antlers and mossy skin.


    • Levi Pierpont · March 16, 2016

      Oh, my. If you wanted to do that, that would be awesome. I could even send you more description or you could just do it how you want. And, with your permission, I could post photos of it on the blog.


  3. Zachary · March 15, 2016

    That sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing more!


  4. belegteleri · March 15, 2016

    Wow, Levi, you kept me extremely interested the whole time I read this. I’m really excited to read more about Fairenland! Good luck!


    • Peggy · March 15, 2016

      Excellent job, Levi! My oldest granddaughter has been working on a similar style book for the last year and I’ve been helping her proof it. You’re both fantastic authors. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for sharing with us.


    • Levi Pierpont · March 15, 2016

      Oh, so neat! A good proofer is surely a blessing, I know she appreciates it.


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