My Favorite Authors

I love so many authors, so I wanted to share a few with you today. Listing favorite books is nice, but a list of favorite authors includes so much more. So here is a list of my favorite authors.

CS Lewis

This one is beginning to sound is really cliché, but very true. I have read Mere Christianity, Out of the Silent Planet, and The Magician’s Nephew. I know what you’re thinking: You haven’t read the Chronicles of Narnia? Yeah… I’ve listened to the audio drama and seen the current movies. But yes, it’s on my list to read soon. 🙂

Lucy Maud Montgomery

The beloved authoress of Anne of Green Gables and so many other books. I’ve only had to read the first half of Anne to know I love LM Montgomery. She creates the best characters and endears you to each of them in the most delightful ways.

Madeleine L’Engle

This author is a lot less popular than the others, but she deserves to be famous and I am sure her books will be seen as classics before too long. She wrote mostly sci-fi and is most famous for (the only novel I have read of hers) A Wrinkle in Time. It is… awesome. Truly. I wrote of it in my short record of reading the book, “this could be the flagship for whimsy.” True whimsy, not foolishness, but a whimsical spirit that is delightfully enchanting and utterly magnificent. L’Engle is a part too liberal in her beliefs for me, but I believe she is a Christian. She died on September 6th, 2007.

Timothy Keller

This is a more recent author, but I was running out of ideas. His books (all non-fiction) are captivating and interesting. One book that I think is especially great is The Reason for God. My dad likes The Prodigal God.

Who are your favorite authors?

3 responses to “My Favorite Authors”

  1. Levi Pierpont Avatar

    Thank you for these! I will look up each of them.

  2. Brian Avatar

    You might like Steve Sheinkin’s “Bomb”, or his “The Notorious Benedict Arnold.”– true, fascinating stories.
    Also Richard Peck– “A Long Way from Chicago,” and his “A Year Down Yonder”– humorous fiction. I read these to my sons during bedtime. We all had some good laughs.

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